Time Keepers



Teams are responsible to make their own arrangement for Time Keepers - $20.00 will be provided from Association to apply to time keeper fees 
Rep Games (1.5 hr) 
House League (C Division)

Last Name First Cell Email Divisons Rep C League Live Scoring Music Alternate
ARSENAULT Alex 902.577.2455   All Levels Yes Yes Yes   902.562.8672
BILLARD* Julia                
DEVOE* Jordyn 902.565.2594 kristam.hodder@gmail.com            
DOYLE Donovan 902.575.2702 mtbsydney32@gmail.com All Levels Yes Yes Yes Yes  
FERGUSON Rowen 902.561.2494 rowenferguson8@gmail.com All Levels Yes Yes Yes Yes   
GEORGE Devin 902.322.5001 devin_george32@outlook.com All Levels Yes Yes Yes Yes  
GWYNN-MACLEAN Mitchell 902.577.8773 macleangwynn@gmail.com All Levels Yes Yes Yes    
HALLIDAY* Aiden 902.371.6912 aidenmacdonald221@hotmail.com            
HOLLAND* Jesse 302.574.2471 hjg632994@gnspes.ca            
KENNEDY Vada 902.202.8588 vjk18@icloud.com All Levels A and B Yes Yes    
LANE Dalem  902.317.8592  ldc068545@gnspes.ca  All Levels All   Yes Yes  Yes   
LYNK* Katherine 902.577.0628  katherinelynk10@gmail.com           902.371.0466
MACKENZIE Keanan 902.577.7252 hang.macdonald@gmail.com            
MACLEOD Charlie 902.578.3702 mullinsalana@hotmail.com All Levels Yes Yes      
MACNEIL* Leah  902.371.2508    U9, U11, U13  YES YES     YES  
MACPHERSON* Shamus 902.202.4113   U9-U15 U11A/U13A/U15A U11C/U13C/U15C   Yes  
MARLEY Zach 302.202.9224 zacharymarley@outlook.com All Levels Yes Yes      
MARLEY Ceilidh 902.578.0944 ceilidhmariee@gmail.com All Levels Yes Yes Yes    
MACDONALD Riley 902.574.7142 rileymacdonald89@gmail.com All Levels Yes Yes Yes Yes 902.564.7900
MCGILLIVARY* Daniel 902.304.2334             902.577.8447
MORNEAU Emily 902.317.5490 emorneau1844@gmail.com All Levels Yes Yes Yes    
NICHOLSON Keigan 902.322.1970   All Levels Yes Yes Yes    
PENNY* Alexis 902.549.2748              
PURDIE Scott 902.304.0183 smpurdie@gmail.com All Levels Yes Yes Yes Yes  
SHEPPARD Pennie 902.371.7570 pennie.sheppard@icloud.com All Levels Yes Yes Yes    
STANWICK Ethan 902.578.6501   All Levels Yes Yes Yes    
WARD* Isaac 902.210.9211 erin_croney@hotmail.com            
WILCOX* Lucas 902.202.8782 lucaswilcox1@icloud.com            
* Recently took a Time Keepers Course -  so individuals may need a few weeks at the U11/U13/U15 C level to feel comfortable before advancing to other levels
Recommended Payment - $20.00/game and $25.00/game (with music)