Jersey Policy


Effective Date: October 1, 2019

Last Updated: New Policy

Reference No.: CBCMHA-001

Version No.: 001

Approved by:    CBCMHA Executive





Cape Breton County Minor Hockey Association (CBCMHA) provides jerseys for players within the association each season. This policy outlines the expectations for distribution, care, and collection of the jerseys each season in order for the jerseys to have long lasting wear so that players can continue to wear the jerseys with pride each upcoming season. 

Jersey Distribution and Name Bars

  1. It will be the responsibility of each team manager to contact the Equipment Manager, once the team has been selected, to coordinate pick up of team jerseys. A home/away jersey will be provided for each player. Please note specific jersey numbers/sizes cannot be requested for specific players. An assortment of sizes is given to each team in order to ensure fit for all players.

  2. A 300.00 deposit by cash/cheque (no post-dated cheques), with no exceptions, is required at time of jersey pick up. This is required to ensure the return of all jerseys at the end of the season in the same condition they were distributed. 

  3. Name bars for all jerseys are to be velcro only. No sewing, glue or any adhesive permitted as this affects the longevity of the jerseys. Velcro only name bars are to be purchased from the CBCMHA contracted vendor of choice (Colbourne’s Trophy and Embroidery Ltd). Within the 2019-2020 season, the inaugural year of the new jersey initiative, player names will be provided to the CBCMHA contracted vendor and it will be the responsibility of each team to pick up and pay for the name bars. In following years new players to the association are individually responsible for ordering and purchasing their name bars from the CBCMHA vendor of choice. The only exception will be sewing only for designated players with a C or A once assigned by coaches each season.

Jersey Care

  1. Players are responsible to wash and care for their assigned jerseys. Jersey cleaning should always be done in cold water as hot water affects the integrity of the jerseys. For drying please use low heat or hang to dry. 

  2. Game jerseys are not to be worn during practices, or at any other time than game situations or approved team functions. 

  3. It is recommended that garment bags be purchased by each player for the care of jerseys through the CBCMHA vendor of choice. This helps prolong the integrity and longevity of the jerseys. Jerseys kept in hockey bags with worn hockey gear and skates are at risk for mold, mildew, discoloration and cuts. 

  4. During game situations and/or any approved team events, where jerseys are worn, water is to be the only drink allowed. Sport drinks, such as Gatorade, are prohibited.


Jersey Collection

  1. Jersey collection is to take place at the last game of the season by the team manager, or designated team representative. Name bars can be easily removed at this time where they are attached by Velcro. The C and A with associated jerseys can be removed by the team manager as well. This will help ensure all jerseys are returned as a whole in a timely manner, instead of individually or not all. 

  2. It will be the responsibility of the team manager to wash and return all jerseys with hangers to the Equipment Manager as a complete set. Dates for jersey returns will be posted at the end of each season on the CBCMHA website. Upon collection the Equipment Manager will inspect all jerseys ensuring they are returned in a similar condition, except for normal wear and tear. Please note tears, cuts, burns, glue adhesive, rips etc. are not considered normal wear and tear and a partial or whole team deposit will be withheld in order to replace the jersey(s) not returned in similar condition. The amount withheld will be determined by the number of jersey(s) affected and by the CBCMHA executive team. The CBCMHA executive team decision is final.

  3. For any jersey(s) not returned at the end of a hockey season, the player will be charged 50.00 per jersey/100.00 per set. A player will be unable to register for the upcoming hockey season until these fees have been paid for non-returned jerseys.

CBCMHA Contact

If you have any questions concerning the application of this policy please contact the Risk Management Coordinator (Contact information available on the website under the Executive tab). 


Updates to this Policy


CBCMHA will review this policy as needed and will make updates as required to address changes in established processes. When updates are made, a communication update will be sent via the website.