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All Bench Staff (identified on roster) require
Intro to Coach 
Respect in Sport (Coach/Volunteer) 
ALL Bench Staff Member requires HU Safety
One Approved Team Volunteer is Required to have  CPR (Level C & AED and Emergency First Aid
All Bench Staff (identified on roster) require  
Development 1 
Respect in Sport (Coach/Volunteer)
All Bench Staff Member requires HU Safety
One Approved Team Volunteer is Required to have CPR (Level C & AED and Emergency First Aid



  • Coach (Head Coach or Assistant Coach) - Coach means a head coach or assistant coach and is defined as someone who is both on the bench during games and on the ice during practices. 
  • Trainer - A trainer is a person who is on the bench during the games to attend to any injuries. A trainer is on the bench or in the rink during practices as well – but does not go on the ice to help with practices. Must be HU-Online Safety certified. 
  • Manager - A manager is someone who volunteers to help out a team with booking ice time, submitting tournament applications, making travel plans, coordinating team budgets and fundraising events, and other administrative tasks. This person does not go on the bench during games and does not go on the ice during practices.
  • Team Safety Rep - A Team Safety Rep is someone that meets with participants, parents/caregivers, coaches, and managers before the season begins to walk through the Rebound Plan and the COVID-19 guidelines of their local facilities. They will also ensure that the COVID-19 participant self-screening is conducted for each participant before each training (on and off-ice) session. They will also complete and store the screening registry.

For the Hockey Nova Scotia certification breakdown, click HERE

Coach limits by level

  • U79 Coaches + 1 Manager + 1 Team Safety Rep
  • U95 coaches (1 head + 4 assistant) + 1 manager + 1 Team Safety Rep
  • U11/U13/U15/U18/ (Recreation): 4 coaches + 1 manager + 1 Team Safety Rep
  • U11/U13/U15/U18 (Rep): 4 coaches + 1 manager + 1 Team Safety Rep


  • All Trainers must be HU-Safety certified.  Click here for Online Course
  • You must be at least 16 years old to take a coaching course with Hockey Nova Scotia.

  • Individuals who are 16 or 17 years of age and wishing to volunteer must complete the required certifications except for the Criminal Records Check (CRC) with the included Vulnerable Section Check (VSC)

  • Anyone under the age of 16 wishing to volunteer must be on a hockey team registered with Hockey Nova Scotia. These individuals must wear full gear and complete the Respect in Sport Program. All other requirements are waived for these individuals.

  • Coaches must register for the clinic appropriate to the division in which they are coaching

    • This means if you are assigned to U7, you must take Intro Level Coach and cannot take NCCP Development 1
  • The HU-Online Safety certification must be renewed every three years

  • Regardless if you are a medically trained professional, you must take the HU-Online Safety course. It deals with rink safety, hockey equipment fitting, and various other non-first aid topics that are specific to hockey.

  • It is recommended that all teams at the "AAA", "AA", and "A" levels have at least one Coach or Trainer with the Hockey Canada Safety Program Level II certification. Hockey Canada Safety Program Level II is available to individuals who hold a valid First Aid certificate and CPR Level "C" from a recognized agency. Hockey Canada Safety Program Level II certification is granted once an individual provides proof of qualification. There is no clinic training required for this certification. This certification is renewed every five years for those that are eligible. Individuals interested in obtaining this certification may do so by providing proof of the required qualifications to Hockey Nova Scotia.

  • Coaches who require the Coach Development 1 clinic but already hold the NCCP Coach or NCCP Intermediate certification are not required to take the new Coach Development 1 clinic. The NCCP Coach or NCCP Intermediate certification is sufficient to meet the requirement.

  • Individuals who require the Respect in Sport Program but already hold the SpeakOut certification are not required to take the new Respect in Sport Program. The SpeakOut certification is sufficient to meet the requirement.

  • Criminal Record Checks "CRC(VSC)” must be completed every three years. If you are not working with children under 18 the check does not have to be completed, all Coaches, Trainers, and Managers must complete this check. 

  • Hockey Canada Planning a Safe Return to Hockey E-Learning Module - It is a newly created online learning module that takes under 30 mins to complete to ensure all volunteers are aware of the COVID-19 screening process. 


  • The Respect in Sport Program is offered online through the Hockey Nova Scotia website -  (click HERE)


  • Registration for all courses is now done online using your eHockey account. Complete information regarding the registration process and course schedules can be found HERE. Hockey Nova Scotia will invoice CBCMHA for all courses. CBCMHA will pay only invoices for courses that were required to be taken . Consequently, it is important that you register and take courses that are required.  Individuals are encouraged to sign up for their desired clinics as soon as possible as clinics fill up quickly.

  • It is very important that individuals commit fully to the courses in which they are registered. The association pays for clinic registrations whether or not the individual participates. 

  • All certification courses are scheduled and administered by Hockey Nova Scotia. Hockey Nova Scotia books the facilities, obtains the necessary resources, assigns the Course Facilitator and administers the registration process. 

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK / Vulnerable Sector Check

  • Any volunteer who does not have his/her Criminal Record Check completed and received by Hockey Nova Scotia by December 1st of the current hockey season will be suspended immediately

  • All volunteers must have their certifications completed by December 31st (and if taking a Coaching Course, must be registered in the Course by December 1st)

  • Vulnerable Sector Check (3) (6)  This letter of application waves the fee - bring this letter to Police Services (Grand Lake Rd) when you apply for CRC and VSC
  • Once application is processed you will be called to pick up the paperwork.  Please scan and forward to