Return to Play Guidelines






Covid Protocol for CBCMHA Return to Practice Schedule

1) Proof of vaccination (1 and or both dependent on age) and masks are required to enter the facility. 3 layer masks are preferable for increased protection. Teams should have already Proof of Vaccine but teams need to double check. Security will be at the rink verifying Vaccinations and checking for Covid Protocol. Please sanitize your hands upon entry into the facility.

2) No food or beverages are permitted, only individual player water bottles. Please have names marked on the bottles and ensure players do not share water bottles.

3) No parents or spectators are permitted (no exceptions). We will have a Safety Person/Team Manager/Coach (from the approved team roster) on site for any Safety issues. They will be masked and will not interact with the team unless necessary. Having two of the people outlined above is preferable. One designated to each cohort of 10. Coaches need to have Names of Safety Person on their Grouping list.

4) Teams can arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before practice leave 15 minutes after practice. When possible come to the rink with as much gear on as you can. It is important that players do not interact in the hallways and proceed to their designated dressing rooms. Showering is not permitted.

5) Rink Employees will sanitize the dressing rooms after each practice. They will let you know when they are finished cleaning.

6) Teams must wear their mask the entire time in the rink and this includes the dressing rooms. The only place masks are not required is on the ice. Players must wear masks in dressing rooms until ready to go on the ice. Players will be directed when to go on the ice by Safety Person. Players are to stay in the Dressing room until Zamboni is off the ice. DO not line up at the door. TeamSafety Reps must keep players in their dressing room until previous team is off ice and in dressing room and the Zamboni is off the ice.

7) Any team member found not wearing masks properly or not following Covid Protocols will be asked to leave the rink with out warning.

8) Two groups of (10) on ice and that includes coaches. Each team will be assigned one dressing rooms - maximum of (10) is permitted in each dressing room. Female players will have their own. These groups cannot cross paths or be mixed on the ice. Dressing rooms are accessed from both ends of the rink, signage is posted. Groups must stay the same - consistent group of 10 (Coach and Safety Person included). No new members can be introduced if a person is not in attendance. Players are strongly requested to participate in one minor hockey cohort. This includes external development programs.

9) Games are not permitted and all practices are skill and drills sessions. A division marker will be put across the center line indicating they do not cross point. Each group of 10 must not come closer on the ice than the socially distanced requirement of 6 feet apart.

10) Teams must assign the players to their groups before they come to the rink Group (A) and Group (B). Coaches must inform players before practice and will stay in the same group until restrictions are lifted. Groupings are to be documented and submitted to VP’s before scheduled ice time. Coaches should take into consideration those team members who travel together and place within the same cohort of 10.

11) Coaches are required to ensure Covid Protocols are enforced. Any deviation from the rules, ice time will be canceled.

12) If any player is feeling unwell in anyway, even if symptoms are mild please do not attend practice. If any person within the player household is ill in any way and/or self-isolating for any reason please do not attend practice.

13) When any coach/manager has been advised of a positive case and/or close contact related to CBCMHA please advise the Team Safety Rep who will then communicate to the CBCMHA Safety Coordinator

14) Any Covid related questions can be sent to Natalia Gallant t (Safety Coordinator)


Any concerns please let us know. These rules have been implemented to keep all members safe and healthy. If there are any issues that come up they will be modified as required.

Thank you -- CBCMHA