Hockey Nova Scotia Vaccine Policy


Hockey Nova Scotia COVID-19 Vaccination Policy 

Effective date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021 

Purpose of Policy: To adhere to the Nova Scotia’s Provincial Government Proof of Vaccine Policy and to continue  to protect the health and safety of all Hockey Nova Scotia (HNS) members.  


“Accepted COVID-19 vaccine” means a COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved for use by Health Canada.  “Affected Persons” means any Vaccine-Eligible Players, Game Officials, HNS Officials, Instructors, Associations,  Team Officials, Leagues, Programs and Volunteers.  

Association” means any minor or female hockey association 

“Fully Vaccinated” means fourteen (14) days after an individual has received a completed series of an Accepted  COVID-19 Vaccine.  

Game Officials” means any referee, linesperson, timekeeper, or other person engaged in officiating a hockey  game as may be designated by the HNS.  

Instructor” means any person engaged by an Association or Team to provide specialized instruction (e.g., power  skating, goaltending coaching) to players, who is not registered to any Association.  

“HNS” means Hockey Nova Scotia.  

HNS Official” means any member of the board of directors, officers, and executive. 

“Leagues” means any league affiliated with HNS (e.g., Nova Scotia U15 Major Hockey League).  “Participant” or “participant” means any person registered with HNS through any Association or Team, including  the parents or legal guardians of any minor-aged participant.  

Programs” means any sanctioned program offered through HNS (e.g., Black Youth Ice Hockey Program, High  Performance Program). 

Sanctioned Activity” means any game, tournament, on-ice practice, video session, off-ice training, or any other  activity involving hockey players and Team Officials that is approved by HNS or any Association/League, or  Hockey Canada (or any of its member organizations).  

Team” means any group of certified Team Officials and rostered hockey players, who are qualified in a division  and category under the HNS Regulations, who have gathered for a Sanctioned Activity, including any Instructors,  Volunteers or Association.  

Team Official” means any person involved in the management of a Team and includes the coach, trainer,  manager and any assistant coach or assistant trainer.  

Vaccine-Eligible” means people who are 12 and older as defined by NS Public Health.  “Volunteer” means any person registered by HNS or the Association as a volunteer. 

1. Policy Statement  

To comply with Nova Scotia’s Proof of Vaccine Policy, HNS requires that all Affected Persons be Fully Vaccinated  against COVID-19, per the remainder of this policy, as a condition of participating in Hockey Nova Scotia  Sanctioned Activities per defined timelines. This policy is in strict accordance with the NS Proof of Vaccine Policy  and will be amended as required in accordance with that policy.  

As of October 4, 2021, this policy will apply to all HNS members who are 12 and older. At present, this policy does  not apply to HNS members (i.e.: players) under 12 years of age or to hockey spectators. 

2. Application 

The application of this policy only applies to Affected Persons who are members of, or who are registered with,  HNS.  

3. Background 

The health and safety of all participants is the top priority of HNS. The purpose of this policy is to protect the  health and safety of all participants by reducing the risk of exposure to and transmission of COVID-19, an  infectious communicable disease, among all persons involved in HNS, and to promote the health and safety of all  members of the HNS community, through vaccinations against COVID-19.  

This policy is necessary to comply with Nova Scotia’s Proof of Vaccine Policy to prevent, respond to, and alleviate  any outbreak of COVID-19. Significant risk factors for COVID-19 infection are present while participating in an  organized hockey setting as a player and non-player, both on and off the ice. These risk factors include close  contact in predominantly indoor closed-space environments (e.g., arenas, dressing rooms, etc.).  

4. Affected Persons  

This policy applies to the following Affected Persons, which includes the following persons:  Players who are 12 and older 

Team Officials (coaches, trainers, and managers, etc.)  

Game Officials (referees, linespersons, timekeepers, etc.)  

Associations (hockey association directors, officers, executive and staff)  

HNS Officials (member of the board of directors, officers, executive)  

Volunteers (safety rep, etc.) 

League (Nova Scotia U15 Major Hockey League, etc.) 

Program (Black Youth Ice Hockey Program, High Performance Program, etc.)

Instructors (third parties engaged by Associations or Teams to provide specialized instruction (e.g., power  skating, goaltending coaching, private program)  

5. Vaccination Requirement & Records  

All Affected Persons are required to be Fully Vaccinated (i.e., including the 14-day period after receiving their  completed dose) by October 4, 2021, or earlier. All Affected Persons must present to their Association/League  designate, as applicable, evidence satisfactory to HNS demonstrating that they have received the completed  series of an Accepted COVID-19 Vaccine.  

Children and youth age 13 to 18 who can provide proof that they received one dose of vaccine can start  participating in sport, recreation, arts and culture programming on or after October 4. To continue participating,  they must provide proof of full vaccination by November 9 (second dose plus 14 days for it to take effect). In  other words, they must get a first dose no later than September 28 and a second dose no later than October 26.  If you don’t meet the November 9 deadline, you will not be able to participate until you are able to provide proof  of full vaccine (second dose plus 14 days for it to take effect). 

Children who turned 12 between Jan. 1 and Oct. 4 this year will have until Dec. 31 to attend events and activities  while they get vaccinated. Children who turn 12 after Oct. 4 will have three months from their birthday. If they  choose not to get vaccinated, they will no longer be able to participate in these events and activities once the  grace period is up. 

6. Acceptable Vaccines  

HNS recognizes all vaccines approved by Health Canada.  

7. Exemption  

In alignment with Nova Scotia’s Proof of Vaccine Policy, HNS will support exemptions with proof of valid medical  contraindication for COVID-19 vaccinations.  

Any Affected Person who is granted medical exemption through Valid Medical Contraindication for COVID-19  vaccinations must show proof to their safety rep with the approved documentation from a Physician or Nurse  Practitioner.  

HNS reserves the right to have exemption medical documentation reviewed by the HNS Chief Medical Officer to  make appropriate inquiries to verify the authenticity of any claim for exemption. 

Any Affected Person who is granted a medical exemption must follow safety protocols outlined by public health.  8. Reporting & Record Keeping Protocol  

All Affected Persons need to provide Public Health-approved proof of vaccination to their Association/League  Safety Rep, who will record that they have shown proof of their vaccination status. The Association/League will  not keep any medical records or vaccination receipts on file. The Association/League designate will be required to  confirm that proof has been provided and record and maintain a list of all Affected Persons who have provided  such proof on file. All applications requesting exemption under this policy shall follow Section 7.  

9. Acceptable Documentation  

COVID-19 vaccination documentation as provided and approved by the province that you were immunized. 10. Non-compliance  

In compliance with the dates outlined by Public Health, any Affected Person not Fully Vaccinated (i.e., including  the 14-day period after receiving their completed dose) or has not been granted an exemption in accordance  with Section 7, will no longer be eligible to participate in any HNS Sanctioned Activities until they have  presented satisfactory evidence that they have been Fully Vaccinated or been granted an exemption.  

11. Travel  

Game Officials, instructors, participants, teams, team officials coming from outside the province to participate in  HNS sanctioned activity must adhere to this policy.